Good phrases you should know – at restaurant

It’s the first post here. I’m so exciting now and wondering if you will like my article…anyway why don’t we get started!

Today I will show you useful phrase in restaurant or wherever you eat from very basic to native level.

○○○人です(nin desu)

When entering restaurant, staff absolutely asks you how many firstly. so you can answer like this.

何名様ですか?(How many people?)
—4人です。(4 people)

Kin-en de(禁煙で) / Kitsu-en de(喫煙で)

In Japan, most restaurants are available to smoke inside. After asking how many they will ask you will smoke or not, but telling them smoking or not in advance is much smarter. kin-en means not smoking, Kitsu-en means opposite to it. ‘de’ is just shorten of ‘desu’.


Japanese learners know this word as apology but it has a few meanings. You can use it as you call staff. Just saying ‘Sumimasen’ is the Japanese style.


‘Ohiya’ means water. It means ‘cold’ originally. Then it had turned into ‘Ohiya’ as water. You can drink water for free at almost all restaurants. If you wanna drink more, just say this phrase. of course ‘Omizu wo kudasai’ is also available.

Insuta bae(インスタ映え)

Insta is shorten form of Instagram. We Japanese apt to change names to more shorter. ‘Bae’ is shorten form of ‘映える(haeru)’which means look better, so this words is used when you take photogenic food or go to picturesque place for posting Instagram.

Where is Instra-bae spot??(writing article)

この料理すごいインスタ映えするね。(Don’t you think this dish Insta-bae?)
どこかインスタ映えする所に行こうよ。(Why don’t we going somewhere like Insta-bae?)

お会計お願いします(Okaikei onegaishimasu)

When you pay money after eating, need to call staff by this phrase.

It is used generally, but there is other phrases like

ごちそうさまです。(Japanese manner when finished eating)
チェックお願いします。(Check please)

These are natural phrases are used at restaurant.How was it? Some people has already a few word but Insta-bae is never seen in textbook but most Japanese say it as of now.

I’m hoping these phrases help you to communicate with staffs naturally.

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